We are proud to endorse these pro-business,
pro-public education candidates
for Texas Senate & House.



“Our state’s economy has long been hailed as the Texas Miracle, but unwise decisions by our State Senators and Representatives are threatening this success. It’s time to stop the anti-business legislation and return our focus to wiser policies that grow our economy, especially those that help our small business community. A good start would be making public education a priority because an educated workforce is the best way to attract new business and high paying jobs to Texas.”

Robert Seward
President, Texas First Coalition


Our endorsements for the 2018 general election are:


 Texas Senate District 10
Beverly Powell

Texas Senate District 16
Nathan Johnson

Texas House District 4
Keith Bell

Texas House District 8
Cody Harris

Texas House District 62
Reggie Smith

Texas House District 99
Charlie Geren

Texas House District 107
Victoria Neave

Texas House District 114
John Turner

Texas House District 115
Julie Johnson