Let’s make Texas families a priority.

Back in the 1800s, the early leaders of Texas were wise enough to place a premium on quality schools, and they established in the State Constitution the State’s responsibility to provide “a general diffusion of knowledge” to the population.

While times have changed, the most important economic development tool in Texas remains an educated child. Quality public schools mean Texas will not only attract better jobs, but families will have higher incomes.

But not all leaders see the value of public education. Sure, they talk a good game about our schools but the fact is they are all hat and no cattle.

Over the past few years, our Senators and Representatives have cut school funding by $5.4 billion, forced teachers to spend as much as $500 out of their own pocket for school supplies and pushed districts to close schools or cram more students into classrooms.

Even worse, our Legislators have forced districts to give up a large portion of their local school tax dollars to be used for pet projects in other parts of the state. And, they’ve raised our school tax bills resulting in many Texans being taxed out of their homes.

Business leaders, education activists and parents concerned about the quality of our schools can no longer sit idle while politicians do nothing to help our students and teachers. As members of the Texas First Coalition, we are embarking on an ambitious effort to educate voters about the high cost of shortchanging our children.

While angry extremist groups are pressuring Senators to continue on the path to ruin for schoolchildren, we want to wake the sleeping giant of pro-public school, pro-business Texans with a simple message -- investing in schools is about investing in their children, their future and the well-being of our economy.

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